Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The most delicious ice in the whole wide world!

Some new cards! I don't know why all Kingdom Hearts fans only love the salt ice. I definitely prefer these ones! Sure, I want to eat the salt ice as well BUT LOOK HOW TASTY THOSE ARE!

Double Crunch
"A mixed ice cream so full of fruit, you might just go a little bananas."

"A raspberry ice cream with a hint of sour hiding under all that sweet."

Spark Lemon
"A lemon ice cream whose sour power will have you wincing in joy."

Goofy Parfait
"A sundae-style ice cream piled up to look like Goofy."

Daisy Sorbet


I want to paint them ALL and cook them...... somehow. Too delicioussss....

It is SO hot here and it is actually the perfect time for ice! I definitely have to stock up my freezer but then I will only gain weight... oh well.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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