Thursday, January 27, 2011

OOAK Azure Blue Ocean Earrings

Hey everybody!
After weeks of gloomy weather I could finally take some pictures of my new earrings I wanted to share with you! The sun was only 1 h there so I had only a few minutes!
These are my favourite earrings I have made in the last days. I have some with feathers and svarovski crystals but I don’t have good pictures of them yet =(

I hope you like them!


Monday, January 24, 2011

busy busy busy

Hey everyone!
I’m very sorry for my lack of postings the last weeks. I was so busy with my items in my shop, visiting friends, waiting for my supplies and developing new ideas that I thought I shouldn’t write until I have something interesting to share. T_T
But hey! I have some new items in my store! It took me a little bit because I wasn’t that confident with the items at first, but now I’m very lucky how they turned out!

Here are some pictures! If you like them, feel free to visit my shop for more information!

I'm working on some key chains and some earrings right now. In a couple of days I have my showcasing (omg, it is so hard so get ONE slot! Every time is everything sold out….) I hope I will make it till then!

See you soon! With more items and things to share! ^__^


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