Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY: Desk Organizer

Hey everyone!
I've told you that I was planning to make tutorials and was working on a storyboard for my first video? Now here it is! It took me AGES to edit it. =_= The program crashed everytime and I always found mistakes. But it is finished! Yeahh! This is my first video so bear with me!

Do you want to see some before and after pics?

I think it is so much cleaner and prettier! And it is much easier to clean the table now, haha...

Enjoy the tutorial and feel free to ask and comment something!
Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shop Update + News + Treasury

Finally I have some new items to share! Still working on hand painted necklaces but this time I can show you some of my new small pocket watches I listed today in my shop! They are very limited because I'm not sure whether someone likes it or not but we will see!

I'm really excited about these watches because I didn't expect them to look so pretty. Unfortunately the pictures cannot show the whole beauty of them. =( 
I also bought a camcorder a couple of days ago and I film almost EVERYTHING I can find. "Ohh, I have to film this" - "I have to film that", every time... My plan was to film tutorials and updates and I'm so nervous... You know how you want to start something that seems so exciting and great in your head and you just don't want to mess up in real-life? Happens to me. Therefore I started to work on a storyboard of my first tutorial. I hope I don't mess it up! Finger crossed. And the more you do something the more you improve, right? 

The last thing I want to show you is a beautiful treasury I was featured in. Isn't it lovely?

I Know It is Spring When... 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living #2

{ Source: digibuddhaArtPrints }
I think almost everyone wants to have a special formula to solve problems. And this time Dale Carnegie shares one method with us that he discovered on his journey finding solutions for worry. There isn’t a magic trick behind it, but this method can help you to overcome worry and stay calm.

He figured out that the worst feature about worrying is that it destroys our ability to concentrate and to think. Whenever we are stressed and worried out thoughts are just crazy, here and there and we can’t think clearly about the situation. So the tip he gives us is to accept the worst that can happen. When we accept the worst that could possibly happen, we have nothing more to lose! And that means – we have everything to gain!

“Yet millions of people have wrecked their lives in angry turmoil, because they refused to accept the worst; refused to try to improve upon it; refused to salvage what they could from the wreck. Instead of trying to reconstruct their fortunes, they engaged in a bitter and "violent contest with experience"-and ended up victims of that brooding fixation known as melancholia.“

Dale calls the formula that can help us to solve our worry “the old Willis H. Carrier formula” that says:

1. Ask yourself: „What ist he worst that can possibly happen?
2. Prepare to accept it if you have to.
3. Then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.

So whenever we find ourselves in a stressful situations where we think everything is horrible and hopeless, we have to accept the worst that can possibly happen. For instance, if you think you will fail, because you are soo worried and stressed that you might be bad at the test, you have to accept that you can fail. But then, by accepting it you can remind yourself that you can repeat the test. You also can say you studied hard and did everything. So even if you fail you know it didn’t have anything to do with you learning not hard enough. Maybe then you will find out what went wrong and what expects you next time. By doing that you should feel more calm because you know, you will survive it and you know what will happen if you really fail.

I’ve tried this method and it really helped me. Because whenever you are worried you can’t see any light and think that’s the end of the world! So when we accept the worst we have more room to think because you already accepted it. And you will find a solution or thoughts that were clouded by worry. Whenever I get in stressful situations I always try to apply this method so it will calm me down.

I hope this formula will help you too! Of course it is easier said than done but I think everyone can find the right technique to use this formula. I know you always have to remind yourself of those kind of things when you are worried. But the more you try it out and apply it to your situation the more you get used to it and you feel much stronger in every other situation.

So stay tuned if you want to hear more about Dale’s tips!
Have a nice day everyone!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Cutey Friday #2

So many cute things on Etsy! Couldn't decide which to put in today's treasury! These miniature houses are too adorable, aren't they?

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living #1

Hello everyone!

A couple of months ago I’ve found a book by Dale Carnegie called “How to stop worrying and start living”. Maybe some of you know him! And I find his book is really helpful to calm down whenever you are stressed or worried. It has 8 parts that are devided into 28 chapters. I already read the whole book but started to re-read it again. And I thought why not to share his tips with you guys! Maybe he can help you to stop worrying, too! It will also be stored here, so whenever someone needs advice - including me, he or she can browes through these entries!

As in my last post before New Year’s Eve I already wrote about my resolutions. And one of them was to live in day-tight compartements. So whenever I wake up my day begins and whenever I go to sleep it ends. But along the way I have to take one task at a time and concentrate on this one task and go further when I'm finished.

{ Source: HappyDappyBits }

This time I want to share with you the first chapter that inspired me to think that way and helped me. Whenever I get stressed and think I have so much to do, I always say to myself “one thing at a time” and repeat it when it doesn’t help immediately. 
As mentioned in me resolution-post you can compare that with an hourglass. There are thousands of grains of sand on the top and they all pass slowly and evenly through the narrow neck in the middle. And without breaking the hourglass, there's nothing that can be done on our part to allow even just one more grain of sand to pass through its neck. If you try to get too much stuff done in just one day and don't let them pass slowly through the day, one at a time, you can easily break yourself. Not only physically, but also mentally.
“One grain of sand at a time. One task at a time.” ~Dale Carnegie
But living in day-tight compartments doesn’t mean we should totaly forget about our future and don’t plan! We shouldn’t think of the past or the future too negatively and get worried. We shouldn't be anxious while planning.

“The best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm, on doing today’s work superbly today. That is the only possible way you can prepare for the future.” ~Ser William Osler

I think he is right! Especially for those who have a business. You know how all these people tell you to set small goals and work towards the big one? I think it relates to it. If we have these small tasks that help us to reach our big goal, we already planned our future, right? But wisely and intelligently. So we only have to concentrate on every small task and don’t worry about the future. Because we already know that all these small steps bring us nearer to our dream.
But it is also very important to plan logically and constructively and that can only be achieved by thinking well!

{ Source: boygirlparty }

“Whether in war or peace, the chief difference between good thinking and bad thinking is this: good thinking deals with causes and effects and leads to logical, constructive planning; bad thinking frequently leads to tension and nervous breakdown.” ~Dale Carnegie

This post is already very long and it was just about the first chapter but I hope it can inspire you to think about it and maybe you'll find what Dale Carnegie writes helpful because I think he mentions a lot of good points!

"Life, we learn too late, is in the living, in the tissue of every day and hour." ~Stephen Leacock

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cutey Friday - Treasury

Pastel tones are so pretty and especially in spring and summer!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

100ThemeChallenge - Variation 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone!
It has been awhile! My last post (before my random fimo haul...) was 2 months ago.. how time flies, doesn't it? How are your resolutions going so far? I actually had just 2 resolutions as you can read in my last post: to be stronger and live in day-tight compartments.
Since I started going to university a couple months ago, I had to study a lot for my exams and thought "oh crap, there is so much to do". But I always tried to remind me that I just have to do one task at a time. One topic at a time. So it really worked out! I had everything done by the time of my exams and was more confident.

Now I have holidays and my to-do list is already crazily (what a word, haha!) full... But this time I will try not get stressed and do one task at a time! Since I had less time for my hobbies and tried to manage university and my shop, I finally have more time to work on projects and other stuff!

First of all there is this 100ThemeChallenge on deviantart that I wanted to participated in like for years! Basically you have 100 themes within 5 variations. So you choose one variation with topics you like and create something for it! I chose variation #1 because I like the themes most but maybe I will do the others too, someday.
My first topic is "Introduction" and somehow I've found this quote that actually fit quite well to my theme!

As my mother used to say: "Mimic a duck act calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like crazy underneath."

I feel so uncreative the last weeks so I hope this challenge will challenge me and inspire me! I'm also working on other posts and projects, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Polymer Clay Haul

I got my fimo order today! Yay! I bought them online this time because everytime I go shopping for craft supplies, the prizes are just crazy and I want to buy everything. x_x Therefore I've found a nice deal online and here it is! I picked these colours because I didn't have them or because I used them up. I think the colours are really pretty especially for spring and summer, don't you think? Can't wait to create something with it! 

Do you have a favourite colour for spring? I think my favourite one is lavender!

These colours really remind me of this spring collection:
Just found it while I was looking for spring and summer colours. I like pastel tones!

I think this collection is really pretty! I'm not a girly girl but sometimes I love try out some nail-polishes or makeup that suits the season or my type. And this colours can me worn by everyone! (The polish choice is really nice!)

(# 62) lavendel | (# 61) purple | (# 22) raspberry 

(#43) flesh light | (#22) raspberry | (#39) peppermint 

I got these nice bottles from my friend in Austria! There are more of them with another content, too! The cabochons are from an online store. I already used some of them for my lockets!

I'm so excited! It is just sad that there are just 56g in each package. =( So I always have to use my fimo very sparingly.

But nevertheless, I hope everyone has a nice day!

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