Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY: Rose Ring & Earrings

Hello everyone!

Since I was in a Sailor Moon fever I wanted to do tons of Sailor Moon related DIYs but I got a request a couple of weeks ago on how to make a rose ring. So I thought I could combine Sailor Jupiter earring's with the request! Now you can learn how to make her earrings AND a rose ring!

I really tried to explain how I create roses, so I hope you can follow this tutorial!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask and comment below!

Baking instructions:
- I used Fimo soft and I had to bake it for 30 mins by 110°C/230°F
- Please read the instructions of you clay because it depends on the clay how you should bake it!

It has been so hot the last days that I'm just melting. T_T And my favourite online-game TeamFortress 2 had an updated a while ago and since then I'm just playing.... It is so much fun! I already wrote down a lot of ideas for the next videos and have almost everything for my giveaway. So stay tuned!!

Have wonderful week everybody!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fruity & Delicious "Haul"

Hey everybody!
Man, it is so hot in here! T_T I wish I had an air conditioner or something here... 
I haven't been blogging anything besides my DIY tutorials for a long time so I decided to post something that I recently bought. Not because I want to make a haul where I show you what I purchased, I rather wanted to show you something cute that I recently found!

First of all, I FINALLY HAVE 2 STRAWBERRY GLASSES! Because I am a Nana fan I always wanted those strawberry glasses. My best-friend (hello, Taka!!) sent me one glass that she made for me as a present but it is at my mom's right now. =( And because these ones were SO cheap (1 Euro each!!!) I had to buy them... I know they don't look like the real ones, but I still find them so cute and delicious! 

And I HAD to get this. First I thought it was a muffin... But it turned out it is an ice cream... If you open it, you can put something in it!

See? ^__^
And since I used like in in almost every video pink nail polish, I wanted to try another colour! What do you think about Violette?

I am not sure what I should put inside but that's okay...
Still working on some tutorial ideas and have 2 new tutorials coming soon. I wanted to upload 1 in two weeks because it takes a lot of time to film and edit, so I won't be able to upload them every week or more often. I hope you can understand. T_T Ahhh and so much to do for Uni. But procrastination wins every time... And I have some time left... lalala...

I hope everyone is fine and is enjoying the summer so far!
Have a nice day and we shall speak soon!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

☾ Sailor Moon Bow Necklace ☽

Hello everyone!
I'm a huuuuge Sailor Moon fan and Sailor Jupiter is actually my favourite Senshi (can't you already that tell by my nickname? haha). After watching Sailor Moon videos the last days I got so inspired by the clothes and jewellery that they all wear that I HAD to recreate something related! My first try was actually this necklace but this time you can actually wear a bow as a necklace. 

To make it easier for you guys I made a template that you all can print out and use it for your creations! 

The first bow on the template is for reference. So you know how your bow should look like in the end. The 2 other parts you can cut out and use it for the 1:1 recreation of the necklace I've made in the tutorial. But you also can adjust everything how you want it to be! You don't even have to use this template, if you are confident without it!

Sailor Jupiter ftw!!

I hope you like this tutorial and if you want me to make more of these, just let me know!
Have wonderful week everyone!


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