Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to bake Polymer Clay - for Beginners

Hey everybody! 
I got so many questions on how to bake polymer clay so I decided to make a short video about it. It covers what polymer clay actually is and why you have to bake it. I will show you what things you will need and some tips on the process! I hope you will find it helpful!

Things you will need:
- Oven
- Oven thermometer (optional, if you have a good oven that has accurate temperature)
- Oven-tray
- Foil/baking paper

Step by step:
- Put your creations on a small sheet of baking of foil or baking paper and then on the oven-tray
- Look for the recommended baking temperature on the clay and preheat it to this degree
- After preheating put the clay on the tray in the oven, centring it on the middle rack for even heating
- Look for the recommended baking time and bake it that long
- Open the windows to ensure fresh air
- Turn off the oven and put on oven gloves to put out the oven-tray
- Wrap around a towel to slowly cool down the clay

Is there an alternative to baking the clay?
- Yes!
- You can use air drying clay!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Have a wonderful week!


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