Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Contest Time! International Music Day

On October first there will be the international music day! The aim is to create a global atmosphere of music - a day to celebrate art!

So if you want to be a part of it, let's celebrate this day together through this contest!

- Topic: Music
- You can submit anything music related that is --  made by you -- (paintings, crafted things, your own songs, etc. For example chibi charms of your favourite musicians, paint/make a collage about music, paint something that represends a song you like! :) Maybe you wrote a song and want everyone to see it! You are really free what you can submit as long as it is music related! :)
- 1 Entry per Person
- Everyone is free to enter (International)
- There will be only 1 winner I choose
- Please like this video and share it everywhere so we can get as much people as  possible to celebrate this day! :)

Ways to submit:
- E-mail me your files and pictures to: makoccinos@gmail.com 
- Send me a link to your video via E-mail
- Post Box, if you want me to film it:

Postfach 330103
56045 Koblenz

No data storage mediums via postal submission.


Everything received before 27 September 23:59 CET will be considered.

Good luck to everyone!


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